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Applications of Can Water Filling Machines/Can Water Production Line
J&D can water filling equipment is widely used in the production of non-carbonated drink, such as mineral water, purified water, juices and tea etc..
It is linear machine. It is suitable for filling plastic canned water and beverages (three-pcs can).

Technical Standards of Can Water Filling Machine/Can Water Production Line
Model JND16-12-1
Parts Bottle Washer Bottle filler Bottle Capper
Production Capacity (BPH) 1000-2400 1000-3000 1000-2400
Applicable Bottle Type (Bottle Diameter)Φ50-Φ100mm (Height)160-320mm
Total Power (kw) 1.12 1.12 0.65
Total Weight (kg) 900 1000 600
Dimension (L*W*H)(mm) 1930*550*1100 1070*1280*2300 120*720*1900
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