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Applications of Household Water Treatment Equipment
J&D water treatment equipment, adopted Reverse Osmosis system with sterilizing system, is primarily used to produce dinking water.
It is applicable for small area water supplying in enterprises, institutions, schools, hotels and communities etc..
Our water treatment machine can satisfy 5-60 people's drinking need.

Features of Household Water Treatment Equipment
Five-step water treatment:
1. First filtering: fibre filter core is adopted to filter sand, iron rust and other grains.
2. Second filtering: granule active carbon absorbs chlorine remains, pesticide remains and other remains with special smells.
3. Third filtering: fibre filter core is used to filter small materials less then 1 micron and effectively protect reverse infiltrated film.
4. Forth filtering: get rid of bacterium, virus, heave metal, metallic salts, and organisms and so on.
5. Fifth filtering: postposition active carbon absorbs special color and smell to guarantee the taste of pure water.

Parameters of Household Water Treatment Equipment
Model JND RO-50A
Pure water production capacity 7.8 L/H
General power 30 W
Voltage DC 24V
Water source Public tap water
Pressure of water inflow 0.1-0.4Mpa
Packing dimension (mm) 570×378×528

At J&D, water treatment equipment, water filling machines, water vending dispensers and water dispensers/water coolers are all available. Welcome to choose.

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