Water Vending Machine

Applications of Water Vending Machine RO-100A
You can find our water vending machines in various public places: communities, bus stations, factories, shopping malls as well as schools and stores etc.. It actually is a kind of pure water treatment equipment which can purify city water

Features of Water Vending Machine RO-100A
1. Waterproof all-steel cabinets with open door design: durable and easy installation; safety and hygienic.
2. Advanced RO purification techniques and nine levels of water treatment process highly guaranteed water quality.
3. High quality water is again guaranteed by 24 hour continuous UV sterilization.
4. "Airtight filling + High concentrations of ozone sterilization" eliminates the secondary pollution completely.
5. Intelligent self-service techniques are adopted and the billing can be accurate to 0.001 USD. Coin and contactless IC card self-service are both applicable.
6. Automatic photo sensitivity control for the lamp box etc. helps saving power source.

Performance Parameter of Water Vending Machine RO-100A

Item 400Gallon 600Gallon 800Gallon 1300Gallon
Power AC-220V 50Hz
Power Input 220W 260W 300W 510W
Rated Current 1A 1.2A 1.4A 2.3A
UV Lamp Power Input 16W
Ozone concentrations 1000mg
Water Source city water
Pure Water Production Capacity 400GPD 600GPD 800GPD 1300GPD
desalting rate 99%
Recovery ※45-50%
Filling flow rate 8L/min
Size of Filling Bottle 5 gallon bottle or small than
Dimension 800×670×2000mm

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