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Introduction of Auto Sealing and Shrink Wrap Machine JND-150A
1. Application:
J&D range of shrink packaging machinery can fulfill every shrink wrap packaging requirement, from canned products packaging to secondary packaging for boxed products in food industry, beverage and drink filling plants, medical industry, etc.
2. Function:
Our seal-and-shrink packaging equipment can automatically work during shrink wrap process, which performed seal function and also permitted auto-transfer of packs to shrink channel.

Features of Auto Sealing and Shrink Wrap Machine JND-150A
1. PLC control guaranteed a stable performance and precise performance control.
2. Simple operation: fully automatic material feeding, bottle and can management, shrink film wrapping and shaping.
3. Shrink film transmitting system is equipped with sensor switch, which gives a precise control of film length and as a result reduced wastage.
4. Advanced swirl-wind circulative structure and multilayer insulation material help accelerating pack-shaping, which facilitates storing and transportation.

Main Technical Standards of Auto Sealing and Shrink Wrap Machine JND-150A
Model JND-150A
External Dimension L5050*W3300*H2200mm
Main Machine L1180*W1080*H2370 mm
Shrink Oven L3890*W1050*H2040 mm
Electric Cabinet L1250*W780*H1100 mm
Total Weight 1.2T
Heat Shrink Oven Dimension L3700*W920*H1800 mm
Max. Packaging Size L600*W400*H350 mm
Packaging Speed 8-15PACKAGES/MIN
Conveyor Belt Width 920 (200)mm
Working Power AC380V 50/60HZ
Working Pressure 0.6-0.8MPA
Total Power 20KW
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