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Setting up this laser marking machine is pretty easy, taking less time than is needed for any laser marker in the market. The laser source is a 10W CO2 laser tube, providing unlimited marking possibilities. The laser tube delivers quality laser beam which suits itself for marking on literally any materials including paper, cardboard, plastics and more.

Compact Design, Versatile
All-in-one laser marking solution
Single-box design enables fast installation and changeover
Fits easily on most production lines
Excellent marking results, wide uses
Permits easy handling by only one operator.
Quick start and simple operation
Averages 30 minutes for mechanical setup and 20 minutes for changeover to enable quick startup

Marking Fields (see graphic for marking field sizes)
Three Focusing Lenses
Working Distance/mm 80 128 179
Focal Length/mm 100 150 200

Marking Formats
Standard fonts: Simplified Chinese, Western/Eastern European
Optional fonts: Bengali, Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew
Machine-readable codes: ID matrix, bar codes Logos/symbols (pixel-based, vector-based)
Graphical elements: ellipse, rectangle, polyline)
Variables: serial numbers, text, date, time, shift code
Line Speed (application dependent): Up to 3.26 feet/sec. (1 m/s)

Laser Marking Machine Components
Standard Configuration
Laser marking unit: (includes laser, digital high-speed galvanometer scanners, one lens with lens protection, controller, I/O panel, built-in keypad, power supply, connectors, lamps, switches, focus finder to adjust working distance); laser beam orientation:90-degree beam exit; product detector; touch-screen tablet

Options & Accessories
Mobile stand; beam shield; exhaust unit; encoder; fiber optic photocell; touch brackets; mounting brackets

Laser Tube
Single sealed CO2 laser, power class 10-Watt
Central emission wavelength: 10.6 µm Integration
Stand-alone solution when optional stand is utilized
Usage without stand: direct integration into production lines via mounting brackets
User Interfaces
Touch-screen Tablet PC based;
Communicates with the marking unit via ethernet USB interface on touch-screen for data exchange;
IP20 Configurable in English (US, UK), Chinese

Built-in keypad
Start and stop keys; LED indicators for status, laser emission, error

Touch Control Software
Touch-screen user interface runs Windows® for preparation of marking jobs, line setup, print parameter setup and system configuration
Creation and editing of jobs; includes vertical/horizontal adjustment, rotation and scaling of marking contents and intensity variations
WYSIWYG Various password-protected security levels

Inputs for encoder and product detector
Digital I/Os for start, stop, interlock, shutterlock, ready, error, shutter closed

Power supply
100 to 120 V/200 to 240 V (autorange); 350 VA, 1 PH, 50/60 Hz
Environmental Protection
Dust protected; internally air-cooled
Ambient temperature: 5° to 40° C (41° to 104° F); up to 45° C (113°F) with reduced duty cycle
Humidity range: 10 - 90%, non-condensing
Approximate Weight
Marking unit: 12.5 kg
Applicable Certifications

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